Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ace Frehley’s 'Anomaly' is deeper, more talented and soulful than all the post-1983 KISS albums combined.

Ace Frehley is the reason I began to play guitar when I was nine and listening to this album makes me feel like a kid all over again. For many years, my guitar hero had disappeared so far into the disappointing influences of alcohol and drug addiction that I was convinced the world would never get him back. We are so fortunate that our space hero not only survived his excesses but has actually returned to earth and finally delivered a classic rock and roll album that makes you want to just forget that the post-1983 KISS ever happened.

The songwriting is so pure and true it gets into your head and your heart like only iconic rock legends can do. Ace certainly has something to say and he delivers his introspection with pure sonic grace (no boom necessary). There is no lack of passion on the soaring instrumentals either. Frehley's classic and harmonious tone would make Les Paul very proud.

The CD packaging was an unexpected bonus... nice touch Ace!

These songs are well worth the wait and my compliments to Anton Fig and Frank Munoz for their outstanding contributions. There is an overall album feel like something you would expect to come out in the late '70s but laced with maturity and a modern production quality.

Ace along with Marti Frederikson absolutely nailed "Fox On The Run" and makes you wonder why this classic has not been delivered by Frehley in the past. Check out track 11... "It's A Great Life" -what a hidden gem. It reminds me of something Brian Eno would produce for the Talking Heads or Roxy Music.

Frehley has proven again that he is the real heart and soul behind what we loved so much about KISS. Internally, we have always known this and thank God Ace has finally accepted it. 'Anomaly' is the proof that, with integrity, Ace has risen above and beyond his former band mates fraudulent attempts to keep the KISS cash machine rolling.

Thank you Mr. Frehley for sharing your passion with the world again.

-Dewey Paul Moffitt