Saturday, May 8, 2010


Sam Cutler has delivered the goods in his new novel about working as tour manager for both the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead. The book is refreshingly intelligent and well written. From the moment I started reading the first pages, I read the book straight through cover to cover. I could immediately identify with Cutler’s passion as both a writer and a man behind the scenes. This passion lives and breathes close to my heart as I’ve been continuously working on my own memoir involving my work behind the rock and roll curtain, specifically my personal and professional experiences also had within the Grateful Dead family.

Whereas the Stones and the infamous battle of Altamont are concerned, General Cutler puts you there like no other interpretation I’ve ever read or seen. The author celebrates the accomplishments, failures and utter chaos that define the human condition; especially when that human is subjected to the war like conditions of a massive public gathering gone horribly mad. History has indeed shown us that these events and the people involved in them were significantly important. Sam gives us an inside perspective like no other could. He lived it, he breathed it, he bled it and now he delivers it to us in a well reflected essay for us to enjoy and contemplate.

Personally I absolutely loved reading his version of events and I highly recommend to all to get back on the bus for this one, it’s a worthy trip.

-Dewey Paul Moffitt