Thursday, October 8, 2009


Ace Frehley’s 'Anomaly' is deeper, more talented and soulful than all the post-1983 KISS albums combined.

Ace Frehley is the reason I began to play guitar when I was nine and listening to this album makes me feel like a kid all over again. For many years, my guitar hero had disappeared so far into the disappointing influences of alcohol and drug addiction that I was convinced the world would never get him back. We are so fortunate that our space hero not only survived his excesses but has actually returned to earth and finally delivered a classic rock and roll album that makes you want to just forget that the post-1983 KISS ever happened.

The songwriting is so pure and true it gets into your head and your heart like only iconic rock legends can do. Ace certainly has something to say and he delivers his introspection with pure sonic grace (no boom necessary). There is no lack of passion on the soaring instrumentals either. Frehley's classic and harmonious tone would make Les Paul very proud.

The CD packaging was an unexpected bonus... nice touch Ace!

These songs are well worth the wait and my compliments to Anton Fig and Frank Munoz for their outstanding contributions. There is an overall album feel like something you would expect to come out in the late '70s but laced with maturity and a modern production quality.

Ace along with Marti Frederikson absolutely nailed "Fox On The Run" and makes you wonder why this classic has not been delivered by Frehley in the past. Check out track 11... "It's A Great Life" -what a hidden gem. It reminds me of something Brian Eno would produce for the Talking Heads or Roxy Music.

Frehley has proven again that he is the real heart and soul behind what we loved so much about KISS. Internally, we have always known this and thank God Ace has finally accepted it. 'Anomaly' is the proof that, with integrity, Ace has risen above and beyond his former band mates fraudulent attempts to keep the KISS cash machine rolling.

Thank you Mr. Frehley for sharing your passion with the world again.

-Dewey Paul Moffitt

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Austin. 18-19 July 2009.

Austin, Texas is a very hot town this time of year... temperatures were in the triple digits during our recent visit there. Saturday the 18th was an extremely special occasion as we played the Kilgore-Karnes wedding just outside of town with yours truly as the best man. The setting was just incredible -we played outside under an old oak tree to many old and new friends.

Sunday the 19th we performed at Lake Travis' Iguana Grill. I can honestly say the people of Austin are very attentive when it comes to live music. I personally felt very appreciative performing for such an enthusiastic audience. Although I have always loved Austin, I now have a new appreciation for the local music fans there... thank you... we shall return soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Telluride. 10-11 July 2009. Bubble Lounge.

For those of you that know me well, you know that I am passionately in love with the village of Telluride, Colorado. My life changed there in 1991 when Bill Graham hired me to work stage production for his Mid-Summer Music Festival. That led to my working behind the scenes with the Grateful Dead in the years following.

I have only returned to Telluride a handful times since 1991 and every time I do I am reminded of the magical energy that town possesses. Last weekend was no exception. The Bubble Lounge is cozy little oxygen bar located next door to the legendary bakery, Baked In Telluride. 18 years ago I used to play my acoustic guitar on the Baked In porch.

The shows I performed last weekend were very fun acoustic shows for some really great people. On Saturday, I was joined by percussionist John "JB" Bunting. The show went on after KOTO's annual Doo-Dah concert in the park, which featured two bands I used to pomote back in my Gainesville days: George Clinton & The P-funk All-stars and Rusted Root.

I cannot wait until I can return to Telluride with the full band. I'm hoping it will be very soon. Meabwhile, I posted some great pictures of the area on my facebook page here: TELLURIDE PHOTO GALLERY

Next weekend: Austin, Texas... yeeeeehaw!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Limited time CD and T-shirt offer

Hello everyone,

The new Dewey Paul Band CD, "Ancient heart" (with Bill McKay and Arnie J. Green) has arrived! The CD will not be available through on-line stores for another month or so. However, we are looking to generate some funds for our upcoming tour and could use your help. We will mail the new CD out to you right away if you can contribute with one of the following options.

For $10 flat, you get two (2) copies of the new CD (option A) or one of the new CD and one of last year's masterpiece "On The Devil's Highway" (option B). Either way, you get two CDs for ten bucks and FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING.


For $20 flat, you get one of the above options PLUS a two-sided short sleeve Dewey Paul Band T-shirt (black with Hawk and PBR-DPB logo). Sizes are regular XL/L or baby doll L/M. That's two CDs and a shirt for just twenty bucks and FREE S&H.

Please make payments via Paypal to Be sure to include your choices/sizes and mailing address. You will receive two confirmation emails, one via Paypal and one via gmail.

Thank you so much for your time.

Dewey Paul Band

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keystone. 20 June 2009. Summer Solstice at the GOAT.

We played our longest show ever on Saturday. I could not think of a more appropriate time and place to kick off summer. The longest day of the year inspired us to perform 4 sets for Summit County locals Ellie and Dustie's wedding reception held at Keystone's GOAT Soup and Whiskey.

A fantastic time was had by all. This is our home stage where we performed last new year's eve and recorded tracks for our new CD. Oh and there was that time I beat that guy over the head with my guitar, but that's a story for another day. Saturday's celebration was a very joyous and peaceful occasion. It was wonderful to spend the day playing music and hanging out with so many local friends. If there's one venue that we will miss as we tromp through the midwest and south this summer, it will certainly be the GOAT.

songs I remember performing at this show (not in order) which represent a good cross section of the tunes we play:
you ain't goin' nowhere (dylan)
let the good times roll (dead/trad.)
when i paint my masterpiece (dylan/dead/band)
me and my uncle (dead)
all you have
atlantic city (springsteen)
one day
life by the drop > (srv)
deal > (dead)
life by the drop
colorado rain
nowhere road (steve earle)
hard sun (eddie vedder)
a good year
this is my masterpiece
tonight i'll be staying here with you (dylan)
jack straw (dead)
sugaree (dead)
get up jake (the band)
tulsa time > (don williams/clapton)
women are smarter > (trad./dead)
ride me high > (jj cale/panic)
travelin' light > (jj cale/panic)
you've got another thing comin' (j priest)
said the man with a cane
cleaning windows (van morrison)
a good year
they call me the breeze > (jj cale)
goin' down (trad/cale/beck)
goin down the road feeling bad > (woody guthrie/dead)
loose lucy (dead)
fortunate son (fogerty)
tangled up in blue (dylan)
down by the river (neil young)
cc rider (trad./dead)
dark hollow (trad./dead)

and there were a few others.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Denver. 18 June 2009. Smokin' set at Moe's Bar-B-Que.

Moe's Bar-B-Que, formerly known as 'The Falcon' was the scene last evening of some smokin' riffs from the Propane Daisies and Dewey Paul Band. Eric McClennan's Daisies threw down an hour of great tunes before we stepped up to finish off the night with a two hour set. A few people stumbled over from the Gothic Theater next door and informed us that we kicked ass over the show they had just seen by '80's new wave rockers 'The Church'.

We took the opportunity last night to work up some old Dewey Decibel System tunes like "All You Have" and "Swordfish" We also tossed in several new covers like Steve Earle's "Nowhere Road", Eddie Vedder's "Hard Sun", Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City", and John Fogerty's "Fortunate Son". Oh yeah, and the Judas Priest / J.J. Cale jam is really locking in and taking off to some cool destinations.

Something unusual happened with the set in the fact that we did not perform one Bob Dylan song last night. I think that was a first. Especially considering that our overall song list is about 50% Dylan. The Propane Daisies however blew the roof off with their blazin' hot cover of Dylan's "Blind Willie McTell".

This Saturday we will play a private party / wedding reception at my home venue, the GOAT in Keystone. We are certain to play for hours and dig deep into the psychedelic catalog. This will be our last show until the summer tour kicks off in Austin next month.



Monday, June 15, 2009

NEW CD: Ancient Heart

I am very excited to announce that the new Dewey Paul Band CD "Ancient Heart" has been mastered and sent off for replication. We should have the CD back in our hands the first few days of July.

Meanwhile you can hear track 1, "A Good Year", on our Reverb Nation page. The song features Bill McKay of Leftover Salmon on keys. The mighty McKay actually appears on 5 of the 10 tracks. Arnie J. Green (Zero, Steve Kimock) is also on the CD.

All the rough tracks were recorded at the GOAT Soup and Whiskey in Keystone, CO. If you've ever seen a band at the GOAT, then you know that the stage there is just magical. I think we captured some pretty good energy in the recordings.

A bonus track which DOES NOT appear on the CD is available at Reverb Nation. It is a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing" and features Arnie J. Green on slide guitar and vocals. All the tracks on "Ancient Heart" are original songs. I hope you enjoy them.

In other news, we will be setting out on tour in July kicking off in Austin, TEXAS July 18th. We are still in the process of booking it, so if you have any good contacts in Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, or South Florida, please let us know. We have a few gigs already posted and some that we will be announcing soon.

Stay in touch.



Denver. 11June 2009. Hittin' the high note in the Highlands.

Great gig at the Highland Pacific last night. Good to see a lot of old friends. I used to live 1 block from this venue so these are my old Denver stomping grounds.

Arnie J. Green showed up on crutches and sat in with us on a couple tunes at the end of the night. Although the weather outside was stormy, the energy in the bar was just right. Ben, Tim and I gelled quite well together and I'm getting the sense that we are going to tear some places up this summer. Our segue jams are going to new and "dark places" as Tim put it. We all had a pretty rough day with external distractions and it felt rejuvenating to escape in the jams. May have been the best "Sugaree" we've ever played.

The new songs are also taking shape quite well on the stage. I told Ben after the show,"maybe we should've waited to record the album until after the tour." Ben pointed out that we'll just have to head back into the studio for the next one this fall. I agree with that idea.

Well, thanks Highland Pacific for a wonderful show. I used to play here regularly, like once a month, but now we will have to wait until fall until we return. The east coast awaits... and Moe's Bar-b-que in Englewood next Thursday.



Idaho Springs. 06 June 2009. Camp Fest 2009

Wow... I can't believe this was the 10th year that I played this festival. This is the second appearance for Dewey Paul Band. I had previously appeared as "Dewey Paul & Friends" and as "Dewey Decibel System". Such great memories, great friends, and some of the best times I've had in the past ten years.

This year's show was no exception. The festival has moved around to different locations over the years and continues to be an exclusive private hippie party for a select group of beautiful Colorado freaks. There are always great bands and this year's lineup lived up to that expectation... Arnie J. Green Band (Arnie played bass in last year's Dewey Paul Band appearance), Dig, Emilio Emilio, Stanky Pockets, Tatanka, and several others.

I wish I could remember more details of the party, but for some reason each year I am left with fuzzy recollections. I do recall having a great time playing, best one yet... I think. Aylon Baru, Stork, and John "JB" Bunting sat in and we went to some pretty far out places during the 'dead set' we played. I can't wait for the next one...