Thursday, July 2, 2009

Limited time CD and T-shirt offer

Hello everyone,

The new Dewey Paul Band CD, "Ancient heart" (with Bill McKay and Arnie J. Green) has arrived! The CD will not be available through on-line stores for another month or so. However, we are looking to generate some funds for our upcoming tour and could use your help. We will mail the new CD out to you right away if you can contribute with one of the following options.

For $10 flat, you get two (2) copies of the new CD (option A) or one of the new CD and one of last year's masterpiece "On The Devil's Highway" (option B). Either way, you get two CDs for ten bucks and FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING.


For $20 flat, you get one of the above options PLUS a two-sided short sleeve Dewey Paul Band T-shirt (black with Hawk and PBR-DPB logo). Sizes are regular XL/L or baby doll L/M. That's two CDs and a shirt for just twenty bucks and FREE S&H.

Please make payments via Paypal to Be sure to include your choices/sizes and mailing address. You will receive two confirmation emails, one via Paypal and one via gmail.

Thank you so much for your time.

Dewey Paul Band

1 comment:

  1. Got it, love it! Thanks for the quick turnaround on my order!

    We'll be wearing it out on our (12hr drive) to Austin.. See you there.