Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keystone. 20 June 2009. Summer Solstice at the GOAT.

We played our longest show ever on Saturday. I could not think of a more appropriate time and place to kick off summer. The longest day of the year inspired us to perform 4 sets for Summit County locals Ellie and Dustie's wedding reception held at Keystone's GOAT Soup and Whiskey.

A fantastic time was had by all. This is our home stage where we performed last new year's eve and recorded tracks for our new CD. Oh and there was that time I beat that guy over the head with my guitar, but that's a story for another day. Saturday's celebration was a very joyous and peaceful occasion. It was wonderful to spend the day playing music and hanging out with so many local friends. If there's one venue that we will miss as we tromp through the midwest and south this summer, it will certainly be the GOAT.

songs I remember performing at this show (not in order) which represent a good cross section of the tunes we play:
you ain't goin' nowhere (dylan)
let the good times roll (dead/trad.)
when i paint my masterpiece (dylan/dead/band)
me and my uncle (dead)
all you have
atlantic city (springsteen)
one day
life by the drop > (srv)
deal > (dead)
life by the drop
colorado rain
nowhere road (steve earle)
hard sun (eddie vedder)
a good year
this is my masterpiece
tonight i'll be staying here with you (dylan)
jack straw (dead)
sugaree (dead)
get up jake (the band)
tulsa time > (don williams/clapton)
women are smarter > (trad./dead)
ride me high > (jj cale/panic)
travelin' light > (jj cale/panic)
you've got another thing comin' (j priest)
said the man with a cane
cleaning windows (van morrison)
a good year
they call me the breeze > (jj cale)
goin' down (trad/cale/beck)
goin down the road feeling bad > (woody guthrie/dead)
loose lucy (dead)
fortunate son (fogerty)
tangled up in blue (dylan)
down by the river (neil young)
cc rider (trad./dead)
dark hollow (trad./dead)

and there were a few others.

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